Jokamin - 17 December 2022 | 10am-4pm

Against All Odds
Against All Odds

“My name is Joanna Kaminska and I am the artist and designer behind Jokamin (see:

Everything I create tells a story. The magic begins with observation – a conversation overheard, a headline, a gesture, an expression. I paint what my intuition tells me, instinctively using a naïve style to express what I see, and what I feel is true. I work with water-based gouache paints for their rich opaqueness, often adding pastels or acrylics.

My work is quirky, thought-provoking and sometimes nostalgic, with roots in the graphic art and animation tradition of Poland. It makes people laugh, reflect and connect with their own inner world.

Now my art is collected around the world. My paintings have grown into a collection that includes prints, silk scarves, dolls, cushions, notebooks and bags, many of which are sold at the National Gallery of Ireland. I am proud to work with local producers and printers who share my commitment to the highest quality.

My art is and was my journey home; Ireland is where I belong. But more than that, my art healed me, and I believe this is why it resonates with others, sparking moments of self-discovery. We all go through challenges in life. We are all connected on some level. We are all in search of magic. “(